XChainZ – A Blockchain-based Educational Platform with a Rewarding XCZ Mechanism

Decentralized blockchain technology has been popularized over the last decade with the rapid growth of the FinTech sector. However, apart from just FinTech, blockchain technology finds its use-cases in a myriad of other applications. 

The transparent, tamper-proof, and secure feature of blockchain technology has been the key driver of its use in multiple industries. One such industry that is about to witness a massive transformation over the next decade, by leveraging blockchain solutions, is the education industry. 

XChainZ is one such AI and blockchain-based educational platform offering assessment, coaching, training, as well as verifying digital certificates for individuals worldwide. 

Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace and global organizations are investing millions of dollars to constantly update the skillset of their workforce. With the accelerated growth of the gig economy and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education has picked up rapidly within just a few months. 

XChainZ is thus developing robust blockchain-based solutions to promote the sustainable growth of individuals, as well as professionals alike. The platform has also implemented a unique loyalty program and rewards mechanism via its native XCZ token. 

But before we go to understanding multiple facets of the XChainZ platform, the interesting news is that the XCZ token is now listed on the Altilly crypto exchange. 

XCZ Token Coming to Altilly Crypto Exchange Soon

In an interesting development, the native XCZ token of the XChainZ platform is now available on the popular European cryptocurrency exchange Altilly. In its recent announcement on Telegram, XChainZ noted that in addition to Altilly, it has also paid the entire listing fee for WhiteBIT and will soon be listed there as well. 

Based out of Sweden, Altilly has an organically built user base consisting of users from all over the world and believe that users of cryptocurrency should be able to trade easily and quickly with other users. 

Altilly is popular for offering crypto-to-crypto trading services for fees as low as 0.12%. The exchange provides superior customer support and has over 80,000+ registered users from the EU, Asia, and South America. 

The listing on Altilly will offer the XCZ token good liquidity and has 243 coins and 739 trading pairs as of now. 

Understanding the Working of XChainZ

The blockchain-based XChainZ education platform comprises different facets that work in synchrony to offer a holistic solution catering to industry needs. 

  • Assessments: This part is used to gauge professional skills and abilities while putting out a clear picture of the skill development gaps and requirements of the industry. In a way, it provides a clear picture of where the industry is going ahead and what skillset the professionals need to develop.
  • Coaching: It deals with offering direct and program-based coaching for personal development, business skills, careers, and other executive areas. 
  • Training: This includes self-learning courses supporting professional development. A group of trained and knowledgeable professionals is associated with XChainZ platform.
  • Digital Credentials:  This is the most important aspect as XChainZ leverages the blockchain technology and establishes a fair and transparent process of digital certifications. These certifications serve as micro-credentials while certifying areas of competence and specialized learning. 

    Note that all the certifications will be secure on the XChainZ blockchain. Besides, it also leverages the Stellar Blockchain network for the smart contract mechanism. 

The interesting thing about XChainZ is that it has a rewards mechanism in place and all participants are incentivized using the XCZ coin. 

All-in-all, we can say that XChainZ is focused on training and building a talented workforce for the future. It aims to bridge the skill gap by offering students and professionals the right platform to enhance their skills. 

Interestingly, it does all these by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and a crypto-based rewards mechanism.