XChainZ Educational Platform

An Educational and Workforce Network for Assessments, Training, Coaching, and the Awarding of Digital Credentials

Our Mission: To empower people to compete in the 21st century workplace so that they are better equipped for life.

To do that, they need to be trained, assessed, and coached.

With that, our objectives are:

  • Provide user controlled digital credentials
  • Provide coaching for mentorship and guidance
  • Provide training for increasing proficiency and adding competency
  • Provide assessments for development and achievement


The XChainZ Education Platform is an AI, blockchain-based platform that provides Assessment, Coaching, Training and verifiable Digital Certifications for individuals looking to compete within the global workforce of tomorrow.

For more information about the XChainZ Education Platform, download our whitepaper.


Used to evaluate and gauge professional skills and abilities and inform on skills development gaps and needs.


Self-learning courses that support professional development and are created by trained, knowledgeable professionals.


Both direct and program-based coaching in business skills, personal development, career, and executive areas.

Digital Credentialing

Providing students and professionals with micro-credentials that certify their areas of competence and specialized learning.

Sustainable growth demands customer loyalty and to promote this, we have created a unique XChainZ loyalty program that provides XCZ to reward and retain our most valued course designers and students while converting them to powerful brand advocates.

students and professionals

Rewarded at the completion of each training module or coaching session.​

Training Course Designers

Rewarded each time their offering is purchased.​

Assessors and Coaches

Rewarded at the completion of each coaching session.​


Loyalty & Reward Programs​​


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Register to start your journey to attain skills for the 21st-century job market. Once you are registered, you can also create your own XCZ wallet and start accumulating valuable XCZ that can be used to purchase assessments, courses, and coaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Thanks to the rapid scientific and technological advancement, skill assessment test have become a reliable, affordable and user-friendly way for individuals to identify current ability and ability gaps.

Absolutely.  In fact, in LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, 92% of talent professionals reported that soft skills are equally or more important to hire for than hard skills. And 89% said that when a new hire doesn’t work out, it’s because they lack critical soft skills.

Once the skills assessment has been completed, a report highlighting the results will be provided along with specific training and coaching recommendations.

The Institute of Coaching cites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited in areas such as improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.

Coaching is an effective tool for to help individuals succeed, and especially increase their skills, potential opportunities, and promotion or lateral moves to more interesting positions.

About Us: XChainZ, Inc.

XChainZ, Inc. was founded in 2018 to coordinate the efforts of the XChainZ community and facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in commerce, education, and government.

Larry Davis, Ph.D.

Dr. Davis is a software engineer with experience in machine learning. He has been active in blockchain since 2016 and is certified by the Government Blockchain Association.
Learn more about Dr. Davis on LinkedIn.

Colin C. Thompson, MBA

Colin C. Thompson is consultant with experience in information technology, supply chain management, and process excellence. He has been active in blockchain since 2017 and holds certifications in Blockchain Expertise, IBM Blockchain Consulting, and is a Certified Life Coach. Learn more about Mr. Thompson on LinkedIn.

Damon Bryant, Ph.D.
Strategic Advisor

Dr. Bryant is an award winning industrial and organizational psychologist with experience in predictive modeling and artificial intelligence. He has been active in blockchain since 2015 and is certified by the Government Blockchain Association.
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